Thank you for introducing me to anal sex toys, it was something I have never experienced before.  Words can’t describe how I feel, but it was amazing.  I feel that there is so much more to learn, of which I may have been missing out on.


It’s great to receive anal massage with butt plugs, totally private great way to let your inhibitions go.
It has changed my limitation of thinking and made me more open to sexual pleasure.


I surprise myself for having sought it in the first place, it very much not being in my character nor lifestyle, but it truly brought out the sexual goddess in me. It was everything I needed and it helped enormously.


This was unique experience, in very positive way. Everything was just so natural. I felt very comfortable even at the very beginning. This unforgettable evening helped me trust more my instincts, my heart, my “inner woman”. It was very beautiful experience!


Oh my God – After 30 minutes of getting me relaxed and gently aroused it opened pandoras box and I had 7 orgasms in less than 60 minutes. I left feeling euphoric as I never believed was possible.