Butt Plug Tails

People…there’s a lot of stuff you can put up your butt. Some of it really shouldn’t be going up there. Some of it is perfectly designed to go up there. And some of it might be confusing and weird and you might not know whether you want it in your butt and what it means if you do. For many people, butt plug tails fall into this last category. They’re a staple of sex stores across the world, and feature in the occasional Buzzfeed BDSM guide, but what actually are they? And what do people get out of wearing them?

Why would people want to use butt plugs with tails? Like so many things in this world, the reasons are as many and varied as the people who use them. But today we’re going to explore a few of the more common ones.

Some of you may have heard of “Furries” before, for others you’re about to discover a delightful new world. Do you remember having a crush on Bugs Bunny when you were a kid? Or watching Disney’s “Robin Hood” and finding that fox surprisingly…foxy? Well now you’re getting an idea of what furries are into. They think that anthropomorphised animals are pretty damn cool. So cool in fact that a lot of them will spend time in their “fursona”…see, it’s like a persona, but it’s made of fur…these guys are so much fun. If you ever went to a theme park as a kid and got freaked out by the mascots in the giant animal suits then you’ve got a good idea what a fursona looks like. For some furries this is a sexual thing, for others it’s simply a fandom. For furries who enjoy the sexual aspect, butt plug tails provide an additional realistic aspect to their play that allows them to embody their fursona. No, I will never get tired of using the word fursona in a sentence.

You might remember a time in your childhood where you played make believe with friends; a time where one or all of you were unicorns, dinosaurs, cats or dogs. For some people, that desire to play make believe didn’t go away with age. This is not to be confused with the furry scene. Furries enjoy anthropomorphised animals, whereas this is about simply pretending to be something else. Like so many things in the sex community, this exists on a spectrum. The spectrum is called Pet Play and it ranges from dedicated kink groups that practice pony play and host their own gymkanas to private individuals wearing elaborate latex costumes to help them realise their dreams of becoming a dalmation.

You might think this sounds really far out and is something only indulged in by the fringes of society. To which I would say, first of all you seem judgey as fuck, and secondly a quick reminder that we do this a lot to sexualise women in everyday culture. Ariana Grande has her cat ears, the Playboy Bunnies have their cotton tails and bunny ears. Does the term “pony tail” or “pig tails” ring a bell? It should, there’s a reason that certain creepy individuals will refer to young women as “fillies” and that we make a lot of puns around “going for a ride” “cowgirl position” and other equine related sexual allusions. Still not convinced? Look at the sales for “sexy cat” costumes each year around Halloween, or Catwoman’s continuous reign as the most popular Batman villain.

Okay, so kitten ears are one thing, but where do buttplug tails come into it? For some people the tail is an extension of the fantasy – instead of kittens they might be into unicorns or ponies, so the addition of a long and luxurious swishing tail is a lot sexier than one of those latex horse head masks (and the morning after will be less evocative of that scene from The Godfather).

We associate ponytails in women’s hair with femininity, youth, and a kind fun energy usually embodied by cheerleaders. Ponytails for your butt aren’t really all that different. They’re still evocative of femininity, fun and a certain youthful sexuality. Many people who enjoy wearing them or being with a partner who is wearing them aren’t actually interested in the roleplaying aspect so much as they simply get off on how cute or fun they look. In the words of Freud, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes people can put a tail in their asshole and not subscribe to any deeper meaning. It’s just fun!

So, you might not have noticed, but butt plug tails are also, well, butt plugs. Butt plugs feel amazing, they’re great for masturbating or can take sex with a partner to the next level. If you’ve never tried anal toys before PLEASE check out our “Guide to Anal” before you commit to anything new.

Don’t need no introductory course? Ready to take the plunge with a tail but not sure where to start? Well we recommend this one from NS Novelties. It’s made from silicone, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty materials going into your body. The size is perfect for someone graduating from a smaller butt plug; big enough to provide additional pleasure, but not so big that you’ll risk hurting yourself. And of course, most importantly, the tail is absolutely fabulous! You’ll feel like a kickass unicorn, pegasus, or My Little Pony in less time than it takes to moan “friendship is magic”.